“The best kind of existence is to exist for others.”
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Why Does Everyone Look at My Disability

Why Don't They Look at My Ability.......?

Shubhda's Girls Special World

Shubhda is a non- governmental organization which is engaged in making every possible contribution of the children and their parents regularly from the year 2005.

There are 29 girls in the center. Education training , treatment , therapy are provided to them.Presently all training program are working with the children.This ADL program are important because in this training all home based work are included like; brushing ,bathing ,breakfast ,dressing ,lunch etc.

Presently all there programs are performing in same building but in different rooms and this case some circumstances are created like; attracting towards the opposite sex because of hormonal change and weak by their senses they can’t hide their feelings. For this they need some special training and activities.

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