About us

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‘SHUBHDA’ is non government organisation. It is working from 2005 for Disable and mentally challenged child. It is registered under the Rajasthan Society Act 1958. We are also registered by National Trust (Ministry of Social Justice & empowerment, Govt. of India)

Our Approach

Shubhda is working towards developing academic and all the essential skills to help children adapt to their surroundings and empowering families by spreading awareness and try to remove stigma about mental health. Furthermore, we try to provide constant support to children through various professional techniques and through this, we aspire to contribute to the research of disabilities and mental health in the long run. Lastly, we believe that it is essential to reach out to the disabled people in rural and tribal areas.

Our Values

We believe that intellectually disabled people deserve every opportunity and choice. Our philosophy embraces an understanding of each intellectually disabled person as an individual one who desires meaningful activity, success, friendship and acceptance. We believe that the opportunity for continuing education, work, companionship, recreation and maximum development can present opportunities that might just make every child’s dreams come true.


To enhance the over-all quality of life of the individuals with cerebral palsy, autism, mental challenges and other neurological conditions to enable them to achieve their fullest potential and inter grate them into mainstream. To advocate, generate awareness and solicit sustained support through capacity building, networking, advocacy and campaigns aimed at all concerned. To contributed to the knowledge and develop evidence on the issue of disability through continuous research.

Meet the Team

Suprabha Kabiraj (coordinator and unit head) Mob: +91-9116996997
Meenu Mathur (public relations officer) Mob: +91-6377845806

A touch of history

“SHUBHDA” is Non Government Organisation. It is work for disable and mentally challenged child. It is started in the year of 2005 with six mentally challenged children. It started it’s first attempt in one small room and start to give education and knowledge about ADL (Activity of daily living). “SHUBHDA” is registered with Social Justice And Empowerment Department in the year of 2008. After in 2010 it registered with “National Trust” and in 2011 it registered under 80G of the income tax act.

“SHUBHDA” had worked on different disabilities like
Multiple Disabilities
Mental Retardation
Cerebral Palsy
And aware people about above disabilities and worked on children with these disabilities. So these children can live normal social life and mix with other people and children. Still “SHUBHDA” is working with same concept.

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