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Suprabha Kabiraj (Coordinator and Unit Head) Mob: +91-9116996997
Meenu Mathur (Public Relations Officer) Mob: +91-6377845806 .

Our Services

Education Program

According to the child performance activities they were divided in five new groups for every child a personal education training program were organized all they to maintain this ratio 1:5 or 1:6 in between teacher and students.

Autism Special

Children who were not able to express or speak properly. We organize a daily activities program for them under ADL training.

Day Care

In this group we admitted those student who need extra time , and care. In this group are mainly included those child who need extra care from other four group child.

General Activities

In this group trained the children from their personal care or maintenance to manage the cloths, meaningful activities as well as training activities.


According to the need of body structure the trainer give them periodically or personally therapy for their internal power. Physiotherapy provides furniture for their daily exercises under the direction.

Dance or Drama

It is a very interesting program for children. Kindly waiting for these activities. It is a very useful therapy for mentally challenged children. Musical instrument as well as music system home theater. T.V. etc. are provided in the organisation.

Vocational Training

Under this program the practice give of sewing, embroidery, cooking, in which responsibility, time management, regularity to achieve the target etc. Providing special activities to children.

Art & Craft

“Art & Craft” is proofed a very well training for “SHUBHDA” children with the making of different of out and activities they decorate their home very interesting. Many people like that card that were made by that kind of child. So see the need of their program organisation attached it help vocational training.

Speech & Language

For the development of language and speech it is a very best therapist. After the concern of Jaipur therapist local care taker and parents through AAC and provided other special exercise.


Games is a interesting activities for children as well as teacher also in daily activities. This is the only reason the student of “SHUBHDA” children win 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Barons medal in Ajmer District Level.

Home Management

“SHUBHDA” help those children those parents not able to come outside with their children in their condition and they feel shy because of their children condition. In this case ‘SHUBHDA’ help them and co operate with parent to come out with their child from home. ‘SHUBHDA’ help also that children whose not able to come outside from their home to take the training in their home in the front of their parents.

Updating Program

In this program the trainer introduce the child with the modern activities program and instruments different regulator, remote control, rising the phone call as well as use the public facility etc how to use them our included in this program.